Queaxis® is a Dynamic Queue Management Solution which enables businesses to manage footfall at any service area. It helps map the entire Customer Journey thereby Boosting customer experience, Empowering Employees and Streamlining Operations.


PixlView™ is a web-based digital signage solution that allows businesses to connect and engage with customers at any location. It is a silver casting system to display multimedia content.


PixlCFS™ is an Intuitive Customer Feedback Solution for enhanced visibility over customer experience. PixlCFS helps you obtain a collation of multisegment qualitative and quantitative Customer Feedback to gain a 360 degree overview of Customer Experience.


PixlMEET™ is a sophisticated meeting room management solution enabling any workplace to effectively utilize their resources. Improve communication and minimise administration, repetition by booking and modifying meeting rooms through a web portal.


PixlSens™ is an enhanced web-based Business Intelligence and Analytics solution which helps businesses boost profitability through dynamic reports across the entire customer journey.

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