Business Intelligence & Analytics for rich customer insights

PixlSens™ is an enhanced web-based Business Intelligence and Analytics solution which helps businesses boost profitability through dynamic reports across the entire customer journey. Generate rich insights and visualizations through advanced reports, and benchmark the data to make faster business decisions. PixlSens™ enables the management to view, review and analyze critical situations, take measures to engage both customers and staff. Understand and Analyse customer flow in real-time by mapping the entire customer journey. Take swift data-backed business decisions and corrective measures through Real-time Dashboard which are graphically represented.. Get in-depth customisable Reports on the Service, Agent, Token and the Waiting & Serving Time

How PixlSens™ Works


Advanced data analysis and visualisation tools to analyse customer flow data in real-time. Customize the reports in tabular or Graphical orientation as required by the management. Connect to different data points to analyse in a centralized report.


Real-time and instantaneous

Centralised live dashboard and reporting tool

Track all the KPIs & Reports

Drill down to department or team

Identify strengths and weaknesses and plug gaps

Cloud-based and completely customisable